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Servicing A Tired System

If your air conditioning is just not cooling properly, it may be time to do some maintenance. Like all of the other parts of the plane, air conditioning components accumulate wear and contamination that will greatly reduce the efficiency of the system. If this is the case I would recommend a complete face lift that would include a compressor, dryer, expansion valve, and related hardware, especially if it still has R-12 refrigerant (liquid gold), It would be serviced back with 134a. Flushing the rest of the system and inspecting for condition, (the inspection would include all electrical components, switches and relays) would bring the system back to like new. 

The compressor is a mechanical pump with moving parts that wear out. Being the heart of the system it may just not be performing like it use to. The dryer is little more than a filter, and like an oil or vacuum filter it becomes saturated and need's to be changed. Moisture will get into the system (a normal condition) and mix with the refrigerant and form an acid. This acid collected with contaminants form the compressor or previous maintenance builds up inside the system and restricts the refrigerant flow. This stuff has to be flushed out. With the system cleaned out and new vital parts replaced, it will cool as new again. Very seldom dose just adding a little refrigerant solve the problem nor does just replacing a broken line or a compressor that went bad, you almost always have to consider the other components. There is no need to keep spending money patching, being unconformable and frustrated with your A/C, let us rejuvenate your system. 

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