• This system has a true 16,500 BTUs of cooling power (Not just Condensor BTU)

  • Features a fully automatic climate control

  • Controls the Air & heat for a truly hands free operation further reducing the pilot work load

  • Rear heat controlled by the rear passengers to adjust their comfort as they desire. 

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Cabin Comfort Plus®                                                    

A fully-automatic cabin climate control system exclusively designed for the Beechcraft® Baron & Bonanza. This automated climate control system provides the flight crew and passengers with the ability to set zone heating/cooling temperatures with the touch of a button throughout the aircraft — maintaining the desired climate without further input.

*This system is standard equipment on all new Barons & Bonanzas

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  • A Modern 134a Air Conditioning System
  • Baron G58, 58, & 55 series
  • Bonanza G36, A36,A36TC, B36TC, V35, F33A
  • 14V Bonanzas with a IO-520 or IO-550 Engine

A/C Services, LLC.


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starter adapters 

The Bonanza compressor is engine driven through the starter adapter. There is a shaft in the starter adapter that we attach a pulley and then the compressor is belt driven. Most engines have this shaft, however some don't. I have put some pictures on here to help identify the long shaft from the short.

Just click on Starter Adapter here ...                                     

  • LED Landing & Taxi Lights

  • Extended Baggage Compartment

  • Aircraft Weighing

  • Tip Tanks

  • Windshields & Windows

  • G&D Window Inserts

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