...or, if it's a model without duct, we can add a complete tunnel.

Digitally Controls The Air-Conditioning and Heat to Maintain Your Selected Temperature.....
This is the Cabin Comfort Plus the new G36 A/C system being installed at the factory......

A Fully Automatic Environmental System.​

Air-conditioning and heat are controlled by a digital display computer. The system dose a complete self test each time it is turned on. Once you have selected your comfort zone, you never need to do anything else.

When you turn on the master switch, the unit will be set and ready. There is a manual over-ride option.

The unit is conveniently located on the center console..

The rear passengers have the convenience of a switch that will control the rear heat with a bar graph indicator. This switch is also accessible to the pilot..

The condenser and evaporator are located in the rear fuselage.

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Key Benefits

  • This system has the latest technology through out

  • All components are of the newest materials, this results in better cooling and less weight.

  • Automatically Operated with a Digital Control Unit, less work load, especially during descents and approaches.

  • No Flight Restrictions; No need to turn off for take-off or landing.

  • Aft heat control is available for the middle-row passengers to operate

  • No documented penalty for range or speed

  • Passenger & Crew -  Comfort & Safety

The complete system weights 41Lbs. CG is negligible. The electrical load is 20 AMPS.

An 11 stage blower is connected to the existing overhead duct. We remove the small forked duct at the front and add a new front section.

...we can use the rear section of the original duct, 

This system has a belt driven compressor mounted at the rear of the engine.

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The condenser is exhausted out the right side of the rear fuselage